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Eurasian Coot ringtone

The Eurasian Coot, Fulica atra, also known as Coot, is a member of the rail and crake bird family, the Rallidae. The Australian subspecies is known as the Australian Coot. The Coot breeds across much of the Ancient World on freshwater lakes and ponds. It occurs and breeds in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Fulica_atra.mp3 (123 downloads)

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Sooty Shearwater ringtone

he Grimy Shearwater (Puffinus griseus) is a medium-large shearwater in the seabird family Procellariidae. In New Zealand it is also known by its Maori name titi and as “muttonbird”, like its relatives the Wedge-tailed Shearwater (P. pacificus) and the Australian Small-tailed Shearwater (P. tenuirostris). sooty_shearwater.mp3 (119 downloads)

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