Cocoa woodcreeper

Cocoa woodcreeper is in general 23 cm long, and weighs 37 g. The head and neck are buff-streaked dim dark colored, the upper back is liver-darker, and whatever is left of the upperparts, wings and tail are rufous. The underparts are olive-darker with buff streaks on the bosom. The bill is long, dark, to some extent decurved, and snared at the tip. The typical call is an uproarious kew-kew-kew-kew. The winged creature breeds in tropical Central and South America in Trinidad, Tobago, northern Colombia and northern Venezuela. It is a typical and broad flying creature of woods and developed land with trees. The cocoa woodcreeper constructs a bark-lined home in a tree opening or empty stump and lays two white eggs. It is an insectivore which nourishes on ants and different bugs and spine-chilling crawlies. It bolsters low in trees or on the ground, naturally alone, but gatherings of up to twelve feathered creatures will take after sections of armed force ants.

Cocoa woodcreeper
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