Cinnamon teal

The cinnamon teal is a types of duck establish in western North and South America. It is a small fiddling duck, with splendid ruddy plumage on the male and more frank darker plumage on the female. It lives in bogs and lakes, and bolsters for the most part on plants. The grown-up male has a cinnamon-red head and body with a darker back, a red eye and a dull bill. The grown-up female has a mottled darker body, a pale darker head, dark colored eyes and a dim bill and is fundamentally the same as in appearance to a female blue-winged greenish blue; but its general shading is wealthier, the legend spot, eye line, and eye ring are less unmistakable. Its bill is longer and more spatulate. Male adolescent looks like a female cinnamon or blue-winged greenish blue but their eyes are red. They are 16 in (41 cm) long, have a 22-inch (560 mm) wingspan, and measure 14 oz (400 g). They have 2 grown-up sheds every year and a third shed in their first year.

Cinnamon teal
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