Chestnut backed antbird

The chestnut backed antbird is a passerine winged creature in the antbird family. It is establish in moist timberlands in Central and South America (Chocó-Magdalena), extending from eastern Nicaragua to western Ecuador. It basically happens in marshes up to an elevation of 900 meters (3,000 ft) m, yet locally it happens privileged. This is a typical winged animal in the understory bushes of wet woods, particularly at edges, along streams and in ancient treefall clearings, and in adjoining tall second development. The female lays two purple or red-darker spotted white eggs, which are hatched by both genders, in a chaotic glass settle which is built from vines, plant fiber and dead leaves and set low in vegetation. The male and female guardians both bolster the chicks.

Chestnut backed antbird
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