Buff rumped warblers

The buff rumped warbler is a New World songbird that is occupant from Honduras south to northwestern Peru and disjunctly in the western Amazon. It is establish in backwoods at up to 1500 m elevation, constantly close water. The match constructs a cumbersome domed home with a side passage on a slanting bank by a stream or way, and the female lays two white eggs which are hatched for 16– 17 days with another 13– 14 days to fledging. The buff-rumped lark is 13-13.5 cm long and weighs 14.5 g. The assign race M. f. fulvicauda of western Amazonia in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil is dim olive-dark colored above with a dim head, buff supercilium, and the obvious rich buff rear end and upper tail that give this species its English and logical names. The lower half of the tail is blackish. The underparts are whitish with some buff on the flanks. The genders are comparable, but the youthful flying creature is browner on the upperparts, head and bosom, and its back end is paler.

Buff rumped warblers
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