Broad billed hummingbird

Broad billed hummingbirds are shaded overwhelmingly a metallic green on their upperparts and bosom. The undertail coverts are prevalently white. The tail is imprecisely hued and to some extent forked. The bill of the male is straight and extremely thin. It is red in tinge, and demonstrates a dark tip. His throat is a dark blue. The female is less vivid than the male. She more often than not demonstrates a white eye stripe. The female forms a home in a secured area in a bush or tree. Females lay two white eggs. This hummingbird is halfway transitory, withdrawing from northernmost regions amid the winter to Central Mexico. These flying creatures feast upon nectar from blossoms and blooming trees utilizing a long extendable tongue, or catch spine-chilling crawlies on the wing.

Broad billed hummingbird
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