Blue ground doves

Blue ground doves are small pigeons, 20 cm long with a ponderosity of 65-72 g . Adult adult males bear blue-grey upperparts yet paler gray underparts, turning into grey-white concerning the face. The flight feathers then outer rear feathers are blackish, yet the wings are boldly noticed fuscous (these spots frequently making distinct bands). The iris is pink and yellow, the bare eyering is green, or the legs are flesh-pink. The female has a grey-brown adviser trunk then breast, becoming pale blue-grey on the underwings then belly. The returned is ruddy brown, contrasting along the brown rump then tail. The spots among the wings are chestnut-brown. Young birds answer the female, but hold ruddy scaling regarding the back. In nearly concerning its array, the soul is unlikely after keep burdened along lousy species, but may locally be pressured together with the lousy members concerning the genus Claravis. The woman also resembles the women concerning the sordid individuals about the genus Claravis, but at nearly localities that is greater likely according to remain confused counting the girl ruddy floor dove, who is smaller yet has blackish (not chestnut-brown) markings of the wings. In just areas where the navy-blue ground pigeon occurs, a navy-blue grey and a black bird flying through the trees together is particular in accordance with stay it species. Blue floor doves take place singly, into pairs yet on occasion between younger groups. They dine commonly concerning the floor regarding seeds yet small insects, then drink grit. The male’s song, agreed beyond the treetops, is a strong boop.

Blue ground doves
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