Blue gray tanagers

The blue-grey tanager is 16–18 cm (6.3–7.1 in) lengthy and weighs 30–40 g (1.1–1.4 oz). Adults have a mild bluish chief then underparts, counting darker blue upperparts or a arm patch coloured a extraordinary coloring concerning blue. The bill is small or pretty thick. Sexes are similar, but the immature is a whole lot duller within plumage. The song is a squeaky twittering, interspersed together with tseee yet tsuup name notes. There are 13–15 naturally identified subspecies, differing according in conformity with the actual paint concerning navy-blue on the arm pat versus the rest about the plumage; he may additionally be greyish, greenish and purplish-blue, together with a lavender, dark navy-blue and whitish arm patch. For example, T. e. berlepschi is a brighter yet darker navy-blue concerning the rump or shoulder, T. e. neosophilus counting a violet arm slap takes place within boreal Venezuela, Trinidad, eastern Colombia yet the a ways boreal on Brazil, T. e. mediana on the wicked Amazon manger has a hoar wing patch, yet T. e. cana of the boreal Amazon has blue shoulders.

Blue gray tanagers
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