Blue crowned motmot

The blue-capped motmot then blue-crowned motmot is a painty near-passerine chook learned among forests yet woodlands regarding eastern Mexico. This species then the Lesson’s Motmot, Whooping Motmot, Trinidad Motmot, Amazonian Motmot, and Andean Motmot have been all viewed conspecific. The IUCN uses blue-crowned as much theirs identifier because that species, but such used to be also the honor chronic for the above species complex. It is the only species among the ex- complicated where the mean initiate is blue. There is a black eyemask. The call is a mean owl-like ooo-doot. These birds repeatedly sit still, or of theirs dense forest meeting place do lie challenging after see, notwithstanding their size. They consume tiny gnaw such namely bugs or lizards, and will additionally generally receive fruit.

Blue crowned motmot
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